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Vobo is a breakthrough mobile communication platform that connects you with your followers far more effectively, and pays you to use it—all at zero cost to you or your followers.

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Vobo pays you to use its platform

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Grow your community, and get paid for doing it at zero cost to you or your audience!

Follower Benefits

Through the downloaded app your followers will be able to receive exclusive information from you only available through Vobo. Reach out to your audience from one…to many…to all, with rich text and media.

The Vobo app also provides your followers with a free “VoboConnect” service to host virtual meetings with up to 200 people from their phones. Available anytime, anywhere, at no charge.

Vobo Solves Your Two Greatest Problems

You have the followers. Now, how do you monetize them? And, how do you communicate with them in a way that really gets their attention? This is the dilemma of all community leaders.

Introducing Vobo! It’s a whole new way to communicate with your audience, and earn significant revenue—all at no cost to you or your followers.

Easy Admin Dashboard to Track Your Revenues

Log in anytime to the Vobo portal to track your follower’s usage and see how much money you’ve earned. Progress is updated real-time to see current media play 24/7.

Don’t Email Your Content. Vobo it!

A whole new way to communicate with your audience, and get paid for doing it!

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